Edited by Royal British Society of Sculptors
Published by Hatje Cantz

From performance and object-based work, to video and installation, their work embraces all aspects of the sculptural and challenges notions of the ‘Nordic’ in its refreshing diversity. While Elmgreen & Dragset provocatively hold up a mirror to Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid,   Sigurður Guðjónsson creates  immersive sound and video installations of the vast, barren Icelandic landscapes and seascapes. Swedish artist Michael Johansson gives the façade of the historic Royal British Society of Sculptors a ‘facelift,’ while Norwegian performance artist Karianne Stensland uses a pneumatic drill to carve marble while in a hypnotic state. Also included are essays on contemporary sculptural practice from each of the five countries.                         

Edited by Royal British Society of Sculptors.
Published by Hatje Cantz.
Texts by:
Milena Hoegsberg, Cecilie Høgsbro Østergaard,
Ronald Jones, Laura Köönikkä, Claire Mander,
Jón Proppé and Richard Wentworth.
Photography by Anne-Katrin Purkiss.
Graphic design by John Morgan studio.