Quantitative Easing

Patrick Lowry

42 x 59 5cm, handmade screen print on Southbank smooth. Edition of 30

Winner of the SUBTERANIAN category of Sculpture Shock 2014, Patrick Lowry, created 'Quantitative Easing’. Lowry’s idiom is the replica and as an extension of his installation at The Horse Hospital in May 2014 his print exsplores the murky associations of the subterranean with the black market, and the execution of forgeries, fakes and counterfeits. Drawing on the building’s former use as busy commercial printers, it comments on the power structures surrounding the rise of complex and deeply ‘subterranean’ global financial systems, of which London is a major centre and driving force. Lowry is a visiting lecturer at Falmouth College of Arts (University of Plymouth) and has exhibited widely.