Lexicon of Falling

Amy Sharrocks

42 x 59 5cm. Giclée print on paper, Edition of 30

Winner of the AMBULATORY category, Amy Sharrocks created ‘Lexicon of Falling’.  It is a sensitive, quiet work which comprises words associated with falling arranged in meandering columns reminiscent of flows of water.  The words were collected by Sharrocks from her extensive research on falling and from the contributions of the many participants in her live art works.  The words move from the left with the more fearful associations of falling to the positive ‘release’ and ‘fly’ on the right. Sharrocks has received numerous awards including an a-n New Collaborations Bursary and her work was selected as one of the 10 artists for Culture24’s Museums at Night 2014 alongside a list including Grayson Perry and Spencer Tunick. Her work has been published in a number of prestigious journals including Performance Research (Issue 18, On Falling).