Horizon Fold

Nika Neelova

42 x 59.5cm, Giclée print on paper. Edition of 30

Nika Neelova, winner of the HISTORIC category of Sculpture Shock 2013, challenges both our perceptions of the historic context and the resonance of form and architectural unity and explores history through the use of architectural fragments which embody physical residues of the past. Nika Neelova’s print, ‘Horizon Fold’, literally folds nature onto the direct uncoloured incontestable mathematical interpretation of the world and of nature. Neelova has exhibited widely and her work is in a number of prestigious collections including the Saatchi Gallery, Museum Biedermann in Germany and PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art in Russia. 



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    42 x 59.5cm, giclée print on paper, 2013, Image: AK Purkiss, Edition of 30 + 6 APs