Gaps, Glitches and Speed Bumps

William Mackrell

42 x 59.5cm
Edition of 30

Winner of the AMBULATORY catergory of Sculpture Shock 2015 William Mackrell has created 'Gaps, glitches and speed bumps'. 

This series of automatic drawings, each unique, records the swerves and jumps of a bus journey through London while singers surprise passengers with their voices, ranging from operatic to melodic jazz, also capturing the movements of the bus.  Mackrell manipulates the traditional linear format of a musical score into a circular form as he views music as circular and sound as a spherical, three-dimensional experience. Born out of Mackrell's research into French cultural theorist Paul Virilio, 'Gaps, glitches and speed bumps' attempts to activate the potential of ‘Ambulatory’ as site-specific language from a live and nomadic setting on London’s bus network.

Mackrell graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design  in 2005 and is currently undertaking his MFA at Goldsmiths University. He has exhibited work across the UK and internationally, was selected for the 2015 Jerwood drawing prize and has an upcoming group show at Pi Artworks.

Please note that all the prints in this edition are entirely unique and were either made on bus journey in the run up to the performance or during it.