Salt of the Earth

19 March 2017 - 31 March 2017
Opening times: 9-13. Or by appointment.

Michelangelo Arteaga MRBS

Materials: salt, ink, aluminium, wax, dry pigments, clothes, bricks, razor wire and sand on wood Dimensions: three wooden boards (each 4x6x2 feet (1.2x1.8x0.6m) and exhibited as a triptych. The main material used to make it is salt. The first board is called ‘The Wall’. It is made with old red slip bricks simulating a real brick wall. The mortar is thick anti-freeze salt. This wall is painted with whitewash lime referring to Mathew 23 to whitewashed sepulchres. The second board is called ‘The Cross and the Heart’. The cross is falling. The entire board is covered with a bed of table salt. In the union of the two metal bars, there is a human heart The third board is called 'The Child’. The ocean and waves are made with black and white salt. The shore is made with real Mediterranean sand and covered with filthy salt, as a dust. On the shore, there is a red T-shirt and blue jeans from a three-year-old child. It has volume but it is empty. It is the presence of an absent.