Let’s Celebrate World Labyrinth Day May 5, 2017

5 May 2017 - 5 May 2017
1:00 pm-4:00pm

Marcia Raff MRBS

Let’s Celebrate World Labyrinth Day May 5th, 2017 at W Austin Once again we have Marcia Raff, International Sculptor and Labyrinth maker in the Screen room of the W Austin, 200 Lavaca, Austin, Texas, USA on May 5, from 1:00pm till 4:00pm, exhibiting 8 or 9 of her Finger Labyrinths for visitors to walk to receive all the benefits of walking a Labyrinth. Marcia will be present and happy to explain to everyone exactly what a Labyrinth is, why you should walk it, and the way to walk it to receive the most benefits. There will be a cash bar, lovely fireplaces and the warm hospitality of the staff at the W Austin to add to the joy of walking a Labyrinth. Please bring your friends to join you as you walk these unique Finger Labyrinths for the wall for an afternoon of focused meditation as you walk Marcia’s Finger Labyrinths. After walking, be prepared to have better concentration, lower blood pressure and a sense of well being and control in your life! There’s also the congeniality of the other labyrinth walkers to add fun to your visit!

Marcia Raff,

Rest of the World