‘Ink and Blood’ International Slavery Museum - Permanent Collection OLAUDAH EQUIANO Sculpture

21 August 2017 - 2 September 2018
Open daily 10am-5pm Free Entry

Christy Symington MRBS

'Ink and blood: Stories of abolition' 10th anniversary of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool opens with a Special Exhibition. Highlights include a newly acquired sculpture of Olaudah Equiano entitled 'OLAUDAH EQUIANO - African, slave, author, abolitionist' by London sculptor Christy Symington; an artwork called 'UK Diaspora' by Black British artist Kimathi Donkor, and a plantation stock book for Roslin Castle estate. The anniversary exhibition will explore abolition (the ending of slavery) and reveal the lives, losses, and triumphs of the people it affected in the 18th and 19th centuries and their later freedom. It will show abolition up close through ink (paper) and blood (people). The International Slavery Museum is the only museum in the world to look at the Transatlantic Slave Trade and modern slavery. It opened on 23 August 2007 – the bicentenary year of the abolition of the British slave trade, and the annual date of Slavery Remembrance Day. The International Slavery Museum highlights the international importance of enslavement and slavery, both in a historic and modern context. Working in partnership with other organisations with a focus on freedom and enslavement, the Museum also provides opportunities for greater awareness and understanding of the legacies of slavery today. Since opening its doors in 2007, the International Slavery Museum has welcomed over four million visitors including 279,119 schoolchildren. The Museum has a year-round programme of free events, talks and exhibitions. 'OLAUDAH EQUIANO - African, slave, author, abolitionist' and 'UK Diaspora' are acquisitions through funding from the Transatlantic and Contemporary Slavery Collecting Project, part of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Collecting Cultures programme. Exhibition dates extended til 2 September 2018. Photo: Sylvain Deleu #OlaudahEQUIANO #ISM10years


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