Acoustic Mirrors - Opening Performances

29 March 2017 - 29 March 2017

Rebecca Glover MRBS


30th March - 30th April
Preview 29th March 6-9pm
Opening Performances 7pm
Rebecca Glover MRBS
Chooc Ly Tan
The Waggle Brothers

Curated by Lou-Atessa Marcellin and Edward Hill (Friche)

A---Z, Lucie Beauvert, Chroma Yoga, Friche, Rebecca Glover, Louis Henderson, Edward Hill, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Tom McCaughan, Inês Neto dos Santos, Yuri Pattison, Rachel Pimm, The Quorum, The Restart Project, RCA School Group, Superlative TV, Chooc Ly Tan, Konstantinos Trichas,Theo Turpin, The Waggle Dancers.

Communication - generating flows of images no one has the stomach to digest.

Golden metals going back to the land(fill) where they will be harvested for the second time.

Micro nuclear waves reach out to my plate whilst I’m sunbathing in LED lights listening to love songs.

I hear a tip and a tap and horrific yet mesmerising sounds flickering around my cognitive senses.

I’m munching on a rubber carrot producing the sound of the Enchanted Flute as a bee, gently buzzing, is ready to land on the precious pistil.

A half asleep flower wakes up in a rage and throws her smartphone at the face of her inquisitor whilst, with incredible dexterity, tweeting the incident to her community of followers which in a flash goes viral.

Resistance is the first move, listening is the strategy, conversation comes next?