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Sinta Tantra ARBS: The Eccentricity of Zero

20 May 2013 - 4 November 2013
Monday 20 May 2013 - Monday 4 November 2013 Ice House 20 – 23 May 2013, 7.30am until 30 minutes before dusk

Napoleon Garden and Ice House, Holland Park

To celebrate the work of female sculptors for the second year of the collaboration between the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and the Royal British Society of Sculptors, we are delighted to present Sinta Tantra’s ambitious glass sculpture.

The sculpture invites people to walk through two circular glass panels, to playfully sit, stand or lie beneath the coloured light and shadows. The overall effect is like a giant sundial of kaleidoscopic patterns that crescendo and decrescendo as the day and seasons pass.

The title of the piece relates to the geometry of the circle and how mathematically its 'eccentricity' or parameter with every conic section is equated to zero. Tantra says, "The sculpture plays upon the idea of the garden labyrinth, of chasing lovers, of veiled flirtations and that which is left unsaid. The round glass panels act like a fluid screen where organic and artificial structures are contained, heightened and breaks free from itself."

The formal gardens with their neat hedges, flowers and framed seating provides a theatrical setting of recreational play where one can see, be seen, and be hidden. As sunlight passes through the geometric spreads of colour, nature become an active creator of art as opposed to merely its backdrop.

For an interview with the artist on 'The Eccentricity of Zero', conducted by Claire Mander, Curator, please click here.

Please see www.sintatantra.com for more information on the artist.