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Sculpture Shock: Ambulatory—SEASON FOR FALLING

17 July 2013 - 23 July 2013
Wed. 17 July to Tues. 23 July, Opening Hours: Tues. - Sat. 12.30-5.30pm, Closed Sun & Mon

108 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3RA

The Royal British Society of Sculptors is delighted to announce live artist Amy Sharrocks’s SEASON FOR FALLING as the culmination of her Ambulatory Sculpture Shock residency.  Sculpture Shock is a new award which encourages surprising interventions into non-traditional spaces.  Amy Sharrocks was asked to create a series of live art events without physical confines and in movement through space and time in the Royal Borough.

For the duration of her 3-month residency, Sharrocks has been falling.   Sometimes using her own body and often inviting groups to join her in acts of vulnerability, attempting to understand falling as the natural way of things.  She is exploring the meaning and experience of both physical and conceptual falling.  She questions the feelings of exposure and shame of being un-surefooted, the difficulties of being out of control and the liberation of inelegance.

Sat. 13.07.2013

World’s End Place SW10 ODR - 11am – 5pm
A live artwork comprising an open invitation for people to fall in view of others, attempting to un-shame falling and to open up a potential for flying in safe and controlled environs.

Wed. 17.07.2013

108 Old Brompton Road SW7 3RA -  6 - 9 pm
Comprising sculptures, photographs, films and live artworks, Amy Sharrocks’ first solo show is an ambitious attempt to consider falling in many different ways.  It is a chance to contemplate the drop, the moment of letting go, the vulnerability of bodies and the joys of being horizontal.

Outside 1 – 5a Thistle Grove SW10 9R – 6 – 6.30 pm
A Time to Fall is a performance piece for 20 people where all the participants progress together through shapes of falling.  The result is a measured, strange kind of dance with a gentleness that reflects an act of kindness and careful watching, capturing a moment of care.

Corner of Old Brompton Road and Cranley Gardens - 7 pm & 8pm
Un-shaming the fall on a busy public pavement as a way of exploring vulnerability and the difficulty of being horizontal while others are vertical. Sometimes it is difficult to get up.

Exhibition open Wed. 17 July to Tues. 23 July
Opening hours: Tues. - Sat. 12.30 - 5.30 pm
(Closed Sun. and Mon.)