Brian Mercer Residencies

The Brian Mercer Charitable Trust

Dr Brian Mercer OBE was a talented and successful industrialist and inventor. Above all he was a creative individual of the highest order. According to his wishes, a charity was established in his name which primarily supports original and innovative scientific and medical research. But Brian Mercer also had a passion for art so he also wanted his charity to support the development of talented artists. In pursuing this wish, through the Royal British Society of Sculptors the Brian Mercer Charitable Trust established a marble sculpting residency in Pietrasanta. The success of the scheme then led to a similar residency in bronze casting.

Fondazione Sem

Established in March 2003, the Foundation derives its name and founding principles from the cultural legacy of Sem Ghelardini, who in his time founded and directed Studio Sem. The foundation currently provides: scholarships for young artists or those currently working in another material. Conferences and lectures on the creative process, art and culture in general and professional training for young artisans.

Fonderia Artistica Mariani

Established in 1952 by Claudio Mariani, the foundry has a long tradition of producing high quality bronze sculptures following the same method of lost wax casting used by Benvenuto Cellini. Improved today by modern technology and machinery this is still the most accurate and reliable way of creating sculptures and bronze monuments.