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Brian Mercer Residencies

The Royal Society of Sculptors and the Brian Mercer Charitable Trust are considering a UK-based re-launch of the residencies.  We plan to launch the new programme in late 2018. 

The new residencies build on the success of the Brian Mercer Stone Carving and Bronze Casting residencies, which 19 RBS members have benefited from over the past decade. Thanks to their extended stay in Pietrasanta they have expanded their skills and developed new bodies of work. For many the residency was a life changing experience and a turning point in their creative lives.

The RBS is indebted to Helaine Blumenfeld OBE, FRBS, who founded the society's residency programme in Italy, was a mentor to the eleven sculptors on the stone carving residency (2006-2016) and nine who were recipients of the bronze carving residency (2008-2016) and ensured the programme's success with her energy and dedication.

The RBS would also like to thank the host studios and their artisans in Pietrasanta in particular directors Keara McMartin at Fondazione Sem and Aldolfo Agolini at Fonderia Mariani for their hospitality, generosity and support of the participating artists. Thanks must also go to Valentina Fogher for brilliantly administering the Bronze residency.

Members who have taken part in the Brian Mercer stone carving and bronze casting residencies in Pietrasanta and whose work was shown in the Brian Mercer exhibition at the RBS are:

Stone carving residency recipients at Fondazione Sem

2006 - Nicolas Moreton MRBS

2007 – Louise Plant FRBS

2008 – Eugen Petri

2009 – Immanuel Klein MRBS

2010 – Nick Turvey MRBS

2011 – Halima Cassell FRBS

2012 – Mark Richards FRBS

2013 – Ed Jones MRBS

2014 – Alice Cunningham MRBS

2015 – Mary Bourne MRBS

2016 – Rob Good MRBS

Bronze casting residency recipients at Fonderia Mariani

2008 – Samantha Donnelly

2009 – Briony Marshall MRBS

2010 – Anne Mercedes MRBS

2011 – Kate McLeod MRBS

2012 – Hex FRBS

2013 – Richard Stone FRBS

2014 – Richard Jackson MRBS

2015 – Alexandra Harley MRBS

2016 – Stephen Duncan FRBS