• Discs in echelon 2015. Maquette for a Private Outdoor Commission

    Tim Ellis, Discs in echelon 2015. Maquette for a Private Outdoor Commission, Copper, brass, oak, pine, acrylic, varnish and wax, 36cm x 16cm x 24cm

  • Something left but not forgotten. Exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennial 2014 & Saatchi Gallery Offsite Project 2015

    Tim Ellis, Something left but not forgotten. Exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennial 2014 & Saatchi Gallery Offsite Project 2015, Ceramic, steel, oak, holy, ply, linen, varnish, wax and metal fixings, 206cm x 40cm x 40cm

  • C.O.D.A 2016

    Tim Ellis, C.O.D.A 2016, Mix Media Installation , Dimensions variable

  • Optical Spectrum - Chasing Yesterday 2018

    Tim Ellis, Optical Spectrum - Chasing Yesterday 2018, Kinetic sculpture, Copper, brass, oak, pine, acrylic, varnish and oak., 60cm x 55cm x 22cm

Tim Ellis MRBS

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I produce three-dimensional collages, using a range of sources and materials. Their appearance suggests totemic importance, reminiscent of the relics of a long forgotten society.

I center my work on the idea ‘That a Being has a primeval desire to want to belong to something greater than oneself’. This ‘wanting to belong’ manifests itself in both the production and consumption of art and craft objects. ‘Whether in isolation or as a collection, art and craft objects are dependent on a creator, mediator and audience, as a consequence they inherit their aspirations, values and intentions’.

I examine the process where by art and craft objects from one culture come into close contact with another. This coming together leads to an exchange in value and shift in meaning. I conduct in-depth research into cultural products, how they are made, used and displayed. Sometimes using found objects and other times abstracting from pre-existing designs, these are transformed to form totemic sculptures and paintings. The material decisions and finishing given to the objects and paintings suggest a utility, beyond that of their original function.

Making particular reference to the sculptures, the works have a sense of being grounded in history, where by the formal and material combinations hark back to modernist ideals and aesthetics. I am interested in creating sculptures that have a sense of weight conceptually and appear as if constructed for a greater purpose in form and function.

Whether displayed singularly or grouped in an installation the strategies I employ in staging the works allow them to appear as ready-mades. The harmonious interaction between surface, object and display only serve to heighten the illusion. The intention is to seamlessly weave together historical fact and invention allowing an engagement with notions of symbolism, artifact and artifice.


Tim Ellis was born in Chester in 1981. He studied at Liverpool John Moores 2000-2003 and the Royal Academy Schools 2006-2009. His Solo exhibitions include: ‘Finding Comfort in an Unknown Future’, Fold Gallery, London, 2014. ‘We Belong Together’, IAG, Hong Kong, 2013. ‘Sons of Pioneers’, Furini Contemporary, Rome, Italy, 2011. ‘The Tourist’, Spacex, Exeter, England, 2011. ‘A Foundation for Exchange’, Primopiano, Lugano, Switzerland, 2010. Selected group exhibitions include: ‘The London Open’, The Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2015. ‘Illegitimate Objects’, The Mathematical Institute, Oxford University, 2015. ‘Long Ting (No Long Ting)’, Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland, 2015. ‘The MAC International’, The Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2014. ‘Open 17’, International exhibition of sculptures and installations, Venice Lido & San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy, 2014.‘Icastica’, Fraternita Laici, Museo di Ivan Bruschi & Galleria Comunale D’Arte Contemporanea, Municipality of Arezzo, Italy, 2014. ‘Image/Object’, Furini Contemporary, Rome, Italy, 2013. ‘Misinformation Centre’, Hack The Barbican, The Barbican, London 2013.‘Secret Societies’, To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silence,  CAPC Musee d’Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, France & The Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 2011 – 2012. ‘Friendship of the Peoples’, Simon Oldfiled Gallery, London, 2011.‘The John Moores Painting Prize 26’, The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 2010. ‘Newspeak - British Art Now Part I’, The Saatchi Gallery, London, 2010. ‘Tag 3 to 36: New London Painting’, Brown Gallery, London, 2010. Collections include: The Saatchi Collection, The Glenfiddich Collection, Swiss Life and various public and private collections in Europe, Asia and USA. He was artist in residence at Glenfiddich, Scotland in 2011, culminating in a touring group show ‘Forward Thinking’ 2011 – 2012. Currently Programme Director of Horatio Jr and freelance curator. He lives and works in London.

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Political/Religious
  • Materials: Brick/Concrete/Plaster, Found Objects, Metal (other)
  • Location: London