• Boy with a pearl earring

    Shaun Brosnan, Boy with a pearl earring, Beaten sheet lead with a cultured pearl, 100 x 65

  • Moscow Faces

    Shaun Brosnan, Moscow Faces, Beaten sheet lead, 560 x 200 in total

  • Holding on

    Shaun Brosnan, Holding on, Beaten sheet lead, 100 x 100

  • Face

    Shaun Brosnan, Face, Beaten sheet lead,wooden beam and gold leaf, 110 x 50 x 30

Shaun Brosnan MRBS

Shaun Brosnan is a London based sculptor creating hand beaten sheet lead,figurative work.

Shaun Brosnan makes bas-relief and free standing unique works of art by hand,beating pieces of sheet lead with hammers and traditional wooden mallets.They range in size from domestic interior and garden pieces to monumental site specific, architectural works.His creations are figurative and mainly focus on the human face and body. Brosnan has exhibited internationally and has work in two public museums in England.
The lead sheets are often from reclaimed sources so have a beautiful inherent patina of age and history and a very fragile quality. Brosnan uses this to full effect to create incredibly sensitive and tender sculptures that also express strength and a real sense of timelessness.

  • Categories: Architectural/Monumental/Relief, Figurative/Realism, Water
  • Materials: Granite/Marble/Stone, Wood/Paper, Metal (other)
  • Location: London