• 100 Gallons of Water

    Rossella Emanuele, 100 Gallons of Water , Water and Plastic Bags, Variable

  • Milk Vessel

    Rossella Emanuele, Milk Vessel , Projection onto Milk, Variable

  • Sea Container

    Rossella Emanuele, Sea Container , Sea Salt with Traces of Ink , 40 x 80 x 50 cm

  • Water Balls

    Rossella Emanuele, Water Balls , Wax & water, Variable

Rossella Emanuele MRBS

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Working in an expanded field of sculpture, Rossella Emanuele’s work shifts between material form and experimentation with media, the focus is on the art-making process and materiality.

Shifting between material form and experimentation with media, my practice negotiates relationships between subject, object, time and event. Notions of movement, of event and a performative element are strongly present in earlier work; current work takes mainly the form of lens-based and video installations, though its concerns maintain strong connections to drawing, time-based work and performance practices. The approach involves applying process-based methodologies to my sculptural work to develop an open-ended enquiry into the forces at work in the definition of subjectivity and their transformative potential.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific
  • Materials: Found Objects
  • Location: London