• In Search Of Miraculous Tribute.

    Rosana Antoli, In Search Of Miraculous Tribute., Ink and acrylic on paper,local stones,local branches., 135 x 100 cm

  • Catalan Yolk Tears

    Rosana Antoli, Catalan Yolk Tears, Video Performance, 3'40''

  • Endless Dance

    Rosana Antoli, Endless Dance, Wood, Acrylic Painting, Blackboard Painting, Rope, LCD Screen, S.Beckett Book 'Endgame'. Audio Stereo, Pendulum 1.20 m diametre. Triangle 2.20 x 2 m. Video Loop 9'40''

  • Yves Klein Reply

    Rosana Antoli, Yves Klein Reply, 4 kg Dark Blue Pigment, PVC Fabric, 25 volunteers women and main performer. Audio Stereo., 3,40 x 3 m PVC fabric. Video Loop 9'25''

Rosana Antoli MRBS

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My practice combines performance, moving image, and drawing.
I am an artist that specialises predominantly in fictionalised narratives in relation to different materials, and currently I am experimenting with choreography and dance.

My focus is on the intersection of art, politics, and everyday life, and how to reveal the hidden choreographic commands that structure the everyday, in order to resist the imposition of behaviours, acts, and motions.
The utopian character is central to my practice and consequently the failure and absurdity of the actions involved.

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  • Location: London