• Skylines 3

    Ros Burgin, Skylines 3, Escalator handrail, vinyl letters, 12 pieces, each 80 x 80 x 50 cm

  • Domus

    Ros Burgin, Domus, Bicycle tyres, inner tubes, steel, 85 x 120 cm

  • State of the Union

    Ros Burgin, State of the Union, 2 bespoke suits, shirts, ties, 70 x 140 x 7 cm

  • Island

    Ros Burgin, Island, Fishing net rollers, cable ties, 330 x 175 x 30 cm

Ros Burgin MRBS

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Ros Burgin is a sculptor working with Found Objects / Material.

There is a conceptual starting point for most of my work. I make sculpture and create installations often using found objects/material as well as, images and words. I adapt and take on new working methods accordingly, allowing an engagement with the material and form to take over in the process to develop new pieces.

I research the origins of the material, how it is made and originally used and this detail and understanding feeds into the final sculpture.
My work is currently increasingly triggered by my response to contemporary issues of sustainability, particularly of the marine environment and women’s role in society and accordingly I make pieces that advocate for social change.

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Conceptual
  • Materials: Bronze, Found Objects, Textile
  • Location: South East