• Transitional device I

    Rebecca Glover, Transitional device I, goggles, light bulb, glue 2015, 20cm, 14cm, 20cm

  • Awaiting Breath

    Rebecca Glover, Awaiting Breath, Installation, Wood, Fabric, String, Found Objects, Hand built pots, Text, Sound 2016, variable

  • Sonic Objects

    Rebecca Glover, Sonic Objects , Paper mache, wood, sound, microphones, speakers, amp, mic stand, mixer, 2017 The sound is generated through live feedback loops passing through the sculptures. , variable

  • Rbs-slab-(lets-swap-places)

    Rebecca Glover, Rbs-slab-(lets-swap-places), Fossilised sea floor, vibration speaker, mp3 player, sound, 2016, 50cm, 40cm, 5cm

Rebecca Glover MRBS

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Rebecca Glover is a cross-disciplinary artist based in London.

I am interested in points of intersection between the human body and its environment - where narrative, myth, and site merge to make sense of this relationship, drawing up questions about the sort of frameworks that shape this interaction and alternative methods for engaging with/constructing a relationship with the world around me.

I work with multi-sensory media to alter viewpoints or methods of encountering a particular subject. It’s the way the work enters and is absorbed into the body that interests me most. As a result, the body is a central protagonist in my work and often the site of the work itself, imbuing pieces with an ingested quality. In [in the mouth] skltloctcoctlo performed at Chisenhale Dance Space 2016 the relationship between body and object is stretched and mutated throughout the performance, where the performers swap identities and functions with a combination of hand built and found objects.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Digital/Light/Sound, Conceptual
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  • Location: London