• Chymical Wedding, 2008

    Paul Hubbard, Chymical Wedding, 2008 , Steel, Copper, Wood, Glass, Mercury, 18”D x 27”W x 15”H

  • Instrument for Discovery, 2010

    Paul Hubbard, Instrument for Discovery, 2010 , STEEL, Copper, aluminum & WOOD, 5' 6" H x 36" W

  • Language of the Birds, 2009

    Paul Hubbard, Language of the Birds, 2009 , Steel, Bronze, Aluminium, Copper, wood, 22”D x 34”W x 16”H

  • Screen, 2010

    Paul Hubbard, Screen, 2010 , Steel & Oak, 6' H X 5' w

Paul Hubbard FRBS

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Paul Hubbard is a sculptor who combines his interests and sensibilities across the areas of Sculpture, Science, Architecture, Philosophy and Mythology.

When the expression and sensibility of sculpture and materials are transmuted hybridization is often the result. The synthesis of disparate objects fuse at this moment, giving rise to emerging junctions, passages and visual experiences, which take on new meaning. These emergent visual pathways begin to initiate the hybrid narrative.

The transmutation of these ‘intersections’ begins to describe a story. These intersecting layers come together as moments, which create passages to be visually and kinesthetically interpreted by the viewer. The narrative is accessible to the viewer at a very basic sensory motor level of awareness that may transport the viewer or at least encourage them to move through the space. The observer is invited to read the contextual clues so they can navigate the space in a manner in which may comfort their perceptions or confront them.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: Rest of the World