• WEEEMAN 2005

    Paul Bonomini, WEEEMAN 2005, Steel and recycled electrical goods, H750cm x W1200cm x D1200cm

  • Hive 2013

    Paul Bonomini, Hive 2013, Steel and black paint, H20cm x W20cm x D20cm

  • Intersections 2013

    Paul Bonomini, Intersections 2013, Rusted steel and tempered glass, H45cm x W45cm x D45cm

  • Untitled detail 2016

    Paul Bonomini, Untitled detail 2016, Steel,plaster,twine,concrete and lead, H50cm W90cm D90cm

Paul Bonomini MRBS

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Paul Bonomini is a London Based sculptor working in steel, recycled materials, mixed media, and bronze.

I am drawn to solid geometrical forms and hard heavy materials. I like my work to feel permanent-anchored to the earth. The strength and weight of the materials I use gives me a sense of comfort, of being grounded, immovable. The forms interlock creating space, internal and external, positive and negative. My use of glass tubes bends the spaces and distorts the geometry creating new vistas as in the work titled ‘Intersections’.
My background in theatre design informs my use of space and spatial relationships. Allowing direct contact, movement through and around the work communicates powerfully with the viewer.
Using various materials I explore their properties. I create geometric shapes using CAD which are laser cut to produce sets of interlocking components to make the piece. Using the blanks and waste I play with new ideas and create new forms which retain some of the history of the original piece.

  • Categories: Abstract, Architectural/Monumental/Relief, Installation/Land/Site-specific
  • Materials: Brick/Concrete/Plaster, Bronze, Mixed media
  • Location: London