• Perenial

    Patrick Haines, Perenial, Bronze, 13ft

  • Guardian Angle

    Patrick Haines, Guardian Angle, Bronze , 150m

  • Blackthorn house

    Patrick Haines, Blackthorn house, Bronze , 30cm

  • Comit sweepers

    Patrick Haines, Comit sweepers , Bronze , 1m60cm

Patrick Haines MRBS

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Nature provides the source material for Patrick's sculpture

Born in Walsall in 1961, Patrick Haines undertook a Fine Art degree following a period as a horticulture student. After graduating, he worked in film and television, gaining valuable experience as a sculptor on productions such as Spitting Image and the films of Aardman Animations. At Arteffects London, he fabricated artworks for leading artists.
Patrick’s sculptures explore an often unsettling alliance between the natural and the man made world. Using a diverse range of materials and found objects, his artworks reflect the relationship between nature and the confines of human society. At first glance these unisons seem harmonious but on closer inspection reveal a disturbing narrative – interior space is colonised by insects and birds, while constructions in blackthorn and hawthorn bristle with menace. Patrick’s sculptures often hold ideas of myth and spirituality that weave subconsciously throughout his artworks.

  • Categories: Animal
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: South West