• VAS-VESSEL, 2010

    Michael Pegler, VAS-VESSEL, 2010 , Rose Porinno granite, 350 x 130 x 130 cm

  • SPATIUM, 2008

    Michael Pegler, SPATIUM, 2008 , Portuguese Limestone, 30 x 30 x 25 cm

  • THE DERBY RAM, 1995

    Michael Pegler, THE DERBY RAM, 1995 , Millstone, 200 x 240 x 170 cm


    Michael Pegler, DECONSTRUCTION, 2006 , Marble, 60 x 30 x 30 cm

Michael Pegler MRBS

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A glyptic sculptor, specialising in the carved form, favouring full intersecting volumes that imply an interior logic or anatomy.

Formally trained as a sculptor, educator, and philosopher. A sculptor since 1978, working exclusively to commission since 1992 with work represented in both private and public collections. This practice also includes the research and publishing of non-fictional writing. 

The Work: Ranging in scale from the hand held to the monumental, surfaces can vary from chiselled and flame-textured to smoothly honed, highly polished or mirror-like surfaces. Extensive drawing, the fabrication of scale models and maquettes feature in this process. 

The Concept: The sculptural language of this practice is largely determined by a tense relation existing between two distinct notions, the potential of the figure as a subject to which a sculpture might refer and the sculptural potential of what might be called a self-referring figurative object.

  • Categories: Conceptual
  • Materials: Granite/Marble/Stone
  • Location: West Midlands