• Einstein's Brain

    Michael Blow, Einstein's Brain , Pure White Marble, Life-size

  • Lion's Head Fountain

    Michael Blow, Lion's Head Fountain , Travertine, Hard Limestone, h: 45cm

  • St. Bernadette

    Michael Blow, St. Bernadette , Bath Stone, h: 180 cm

  • Chatres Labyrinth with Flower of Life Motif

    Michael Blow, Chatres Labyrinth with Flower of Life Motif , White Limestone, 30 cm diameter

Michael Blow MRBS

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Michael Blow is a Cathedral trained stonemason and carver located in Bristol

Trained at Gloucester Cathedral as a stone mason I have gone on to produce a wide range of both commisioned and personally developed carvings and sculptures.  I take inspiration from a wide range of sources.

  • Categories: Architectural/Monumental/Relief
  • Materials: Other
  • Location: South West