• Orange twisted loop

    Merete Rasmussen, Orange twisted loop, ceramics, 40 x 60 x 50 cm

  • Convolved form II

    Merete Rasmussen, Convolved form II, bronze, 24 x 45 x 30 cm

  • Blue entwined form

    Merete Rasmussen, Blue entwined form, ceramics, 45 x 60 x 55 cm

  • Yellow form

    Merete Rasmussen, Yellow form, ceramics, 80 x 95 x 60 cm

Merete Rasmussen MRBS

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Abstract form in ceramics and bronze

Merete is interested in the way one defines and comprehends space through physical form. Her shapes can represent an idea of a captured movement, as a flowing form stretching or curling around itself, or the idea can derive from repeated natural forms or even complex mathematical constructions. Different form expressions appeal and results in continuous exploration with many different variations: soft but precise curves, sharp edges, concave surfaces shifting to convex; the discovery and strength of an inner or negative space. Merete is intrigued by the idea of a continuous surface, for example with one connected edge running through an entire form. The finished form should have energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose.

The pieces are mainly in ceramics but recently also in bronze. Strong colour seek to build further importance, strength, and energy.

Merete is Danish and has lived in the UK since 2005.

  • Categories: Abstract
  • Materials: Bronze, Ceramic/Clay
  • Location: South East