• Stains 2015-16

    Maureen Jordan, Stains 2015-16, Reclaimed bedframe, stained glass, 187cms x 68 cms x 17 cms

  • The milk of human kindness  2017

    Maureen Jordan, The milk of human kindness 2017, Vintage Milk Crate. Projected archive photos LED lights , Milkcrate: H: 20 cms D: 42 cms W: 36 cms Projection various

  • Shot 2016

    Maureen Jordan, Shot 2016, 296 plastic shot glasses, fairy lights, ceramic ‘toucans’ (Guinness icons ) Black Perspex counter, glass of Guinness , 128 x 66 x 20 Can be seen from both sides.

  • Nemesis: Fight or Flight 2016-17

    Maureen Jordan, Nemesis: Fight or Flight 2016-17, Wire frame, feathers, skull, glass bowl, animal pelts, copper., 4ft tall

Maureen Jordan MRBS

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I am a Northern Irish artist interested in what shapes us and our habitats, responding to places as sites of history and re-imaginings.

Our histories are stories we are told and those we tell ourselves about our histories. When my internal store connects with the external surroundings, there is a resonance of some kind of truth. I know….. all truth is contingent but I’m with Martha Rosler:
“…there is more truth and there is less truth”.
Reclaimed materials can embody the scars of time, use and abuse. I like using them and the everyday object as a form of excavation, of resurrection, given a new energy charge in a different cultural context.
When possible I will incorporate materials traditionally held to have greater value to reflect both the sacred and the profane, the light and dark.
For me, the physical act of making is a renegotiation, a way of thinking, of reading the world and being more fully in it, and of bearing witness to my time and place.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Political/Religious, Conceptual
  • Materials: Mixed media
  • Location: South East