• One Loch, Two Days

    Mary Bourne, One Loch, Two Days, Caithness flagstone, 2 elements each measuring 6 x 50 x 60cm

  • Dava targe

    Mary Bourne, Dava targe, Kilmartin slate, 7.5 x 70 x 70cm

  • Many Moons

    Mary Bourne, Many Moons, Kilmartin slate, 6 elements each measuring 40 x 40 x 10cm

  • Water Cut

    Mary Bourne, Water Cut, Salterwath limestone, 2.5m tall

Mary Bourne MRBS

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I have been a professional sculptor since 1987, working predominantly in carved stone; I have on integrated public art projects as well as exhibiting in the UK and abroad, teaching and on occasion working with community groups.

My work, predominantly in carved natural stone, reflects on man’s relationship with his environment and often deals with subjective reaction, the passage of time and change. The intrinsic qualities of the stone chosen are integral to the work, which is often underpinned by an awareness of geological timescales - a sense that there is a bigger picture than this constantly vanishing present. The physicality of the objects I make is very important and they are often highly tactile; stone warmed and shaped by my hands will perhaps be warmed again by another’s hands in some unknowable time to come.

  • Categories: Architectural/Monumental/Relief, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Other
  • Materials: Mixed media, Granite/Marble/Stone
  • Location: Scotland