• Serpent

    Mark Milnes, Serpent , Powder coated steel, Approx: l.70cm x h.40cm x w.25cm

  • Figure II

    Mark Milnes, Figure II , Powder coated steel, Approx: l.35cm x h.20cm x w.35cm

  • Drawing for Sculpture 2

    Mark Milnes, Drawing for Sculpture 2 , Conte crayon and pencil on paper, h.30cm x w.40cm

  • Passage II

    Mark Milnes, Passage II , Welded steel, Approx: l.90cm x h.40cm x w.60cm

Mark Milnes MRBS

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Mark Milnes is based in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, and creates work in welded mild steel. All of his work is linked by its concern with simple geometry and repetition.

Mark’s work is usually abstract and geometric, and demonstrates an interest in the interrelation of bold, simple shapes. His images and objects are usually composed of similar or identical forms repeated in rhythmical progression.

His sculptural work has made use of scrap materials either found or sourced cheaply from local suppliers. Often the shapes used require little intervention or alteration: off-cuts from laser cutting processes have sufficient interest to make them ideal for use in artworks.

The work rarely makes intentional reference to the world around us: however, titles are often suggested (e.g. ‘Serpent’) by the artwork on completion, which may infer a connection to forms which exist in the ‘real’ world. For the most part, literal reference is made only to other artwork: Sir Anthony Caro’s early steel sculptures, in particular, have been a key influence.

  • Categories: Abstract
  • Materials: Steel
  • Location: Yorkshire and the Humber