• Installation with poles-2

    Marianne Broch, Installation with poles-2, Mountain pine, Ca.300cm x 300cm

  • Seating objects

    Marianne Broch, Seating objects, Mountain pine, Each ca. 50cm x 50cm

  • Rest

    Marianne Broch, Rest, Mountain pine, 200cm x 50cm x 50cm

  • Kjerner 1 2015  50cm-25cm   div.tre (3)

    Marianne Broch, Kjerner 1 2015 50cm-25cm div.tre (3), Birch, spruce, pine, Ca. 50cm-30cm each

Marianne Broch MRBS

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Marianne Broch is a Norwegian sculptor working with a wide range of materials including wood, cellulose, and wax to create installations, single pieces, and series that illustrate the connection between nature and the human condition.

Marianne Broch has been working with three-dimensional art all her life, and combines her creativity with every aspect of her life. She began as a traditional sculptor and has in recent years begun actively using her experience with different materials, especially wood, in her artwork. The artist lives and works in close proximity to nature; practically on the doorstep to the forest Kroksskogen, and the Norwegian mountains, especially the national park of Jotunheimen, which has had a major influence on Broch’s work. She finds her inspiration and indeed the material she uses here. She creates her art while living and working, combining her skill as a craftsman with her knowledge of three-dimensional art.
Form and texture is central to the development of her pieces, which often express contrast. The artist uses plain and processed wood, even paper mass, but also other materials such as wax or plaster; even found objects of iron or stones. Broch seeks to express a likeness between nature itself, and indeed the human mind. “Like I attempt to penetrate into the very material of the tree itself, I look to expose the outer shell and find the vulnerable human being behind the mask.”

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Conceptual
  • Materials: Bronze, Found Objects, Wood/Paper
  • Location: Europe