• Erytheia, 2014-16

    Malcolm Franklin, Erytheia, 2014-16, Verona marble, 98.5 x 97 x 20

  • Morris, 2010-15

    Malcolm Franklin, Morris, 2010-15, Holly wood and stone, 41 x 61.5 x 33

  •  Esperia, 2011-13

    Malcolm Franklin, Esperia, 2011-13, Pietra d'Istria, 79 x 73 x 15

  • Pueblo,2010

    Malcolm Franklin, Pueblo,2010, Boxwood and granite, 30 x 63 x 12

Malcolm Franklin MRBS

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Malcolm Franklin works in stone, wood, and bronze in London and in northeast Italy.

My sculptures may seem constructed from separate parts, but they are carved from one piece of wood or stone chosen to allow for movement, shifts in planes, and openings: negative space is just as important as the boundaries of a form. I want to give the idea that the form of a sculpture can continue beyond its physical confines.

Unless I am engaged on a commission, I prefer to work from sketches rather than models and maquettes. There is no imposition of form from one main point; no drawing projected onto solid matter and teased out. A tension is created between a shape I have in mind and the character of the material; its inherent properties, such as tensile strength, hardness, bends, and flaws are all taken into account in the confrontation between sculptor and medium.

  • Categories: Abstract, Architectural/Monumental/Relief
  • Materials: Bronze, Granite/Marble/Stone, Wood/Paper
  • Location: London