• Body Weave IV, 2009

    Linda Johns, Body Weave IV, 2009 , Copper Wire, Life-size

  • Flight, 2011

    Linda Johns, Flight, 2011 , Stainless Steel, 110 x 100 x 230 cm

  • Pine Needle Figure VIII, 2010

    Linda Johns, Pine Needle Figure VIII, 2010 , Pine Needles, Life-size

  • Iris II, 2009

    Linda Johns, Iris II, 2009 , Stainless Steel & Copper Wire, 150 x 150 x 20 cm

Linda Johns MRBS

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Linda Johns' work explores the use of line and space to describe forms.

Linda Johns’ work explores the use of line and space to describe forms. She is inspired by the connections and dichotomies in our understanding of the world as described by quantum physics and by ancient mythologies. She uses fine wires and natural materials to create ‘multi-dimensional drawings’ which range from figurative to abstract. The sculptures are very light and are created to enhance the spaces in which they are installed - the environment viewed within as well as around the forms.

Johns’ sculptures have been purchased by companies and private individuals. Recent commissions include a hanging sculpture for a school atrium and a free-standing sculpture for the reception area of a major tax and accounting company. Her work is also permanently displayed in Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific
  • Materials: Metal (other)
  • Location: East Midlands