• Once Upon a Dream I, 2010

    Lesli Sharples, Once Upon a Dream I, 2010, Mixed media, 39 x 24 x 16 cm 12 x and 12 x 19 cm

  • Lesli Sharples, , Mixed media, 9 x 9 x 9 cm

  • Untitled II, 2011

    Lesli Sharples, Untitled II, 2011, Mixed media, 11 x 11 x 11 cm

  • Supporting Structure from Introspect ID, 2011

    Lesli Sharples, Supporting Structure from Introspect ID, 2011, Mixed media, Plinth: 108 x 43 x 5 cm tallest pedestal:135 x 14 x 16 cm

Lesli Sharples MRBS

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Cumbrian based sculptor Lesli creates miniature scaled dioramic works that are able to illustrate any subject matter through the consolidation of a vast range of mediums and techniques to construct tiny-worlds depicting history, literature and fantasy.

Lesli’s practice is rooted in a fascination of the properties of light, kinetics, and visual perception and a desire to explore the interdependencies between Newtonian theories and art.  Physical phenomena as well as dioramic realms have been drawn from the past pages of science, history and literature in the transcription of political and humanitarian issues.  Through design the artist orchestrates the creation of hybrid worlds, the existence of which forces the real world to collide with fantasy whilst the only means of entry is through the faculty of sight and the conscious, and the unconscious mind.  The intricate light-sculptures, viewed through optical peepholes, can only be viewed by one person at one time.  Lesli’s miniature dioramas are as small as nine centimetres square (scale 1:250) entice spectators to engage with intimate and voyeuristic experiences, whilst through visual trickery the sculptures appear to be disparately larger and therefore momentarily believable.

  • Categories: Kinetic/Mobile
  • Materials: Glass
  • Location: North West