• Notational space 2

    Kyveli Anastasiadi, Notational space 2, wood, steel, 1500mm x 400mm

  • Notational space

    Kyveli Anastasiadi, Notational space, installation wood, steel, tension wire

  • Body as measuring tool

    Kyveli Anastasiadi, Body as measuring tool, photography, 300mm x 120mm

  • 3d sketch

    Kyveli Anastasiadi, 3d sketch, wire, 200mm x 150mm

Kyveli Anastasiadi MRBS

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Design Through Performance merges the world of architecture with the world of performance, challenging existing architectural typologies while rediscovering architecture as an embodied ‘process’ of making a design.

Design Through Performance engages with the implementation of the human body as a tool for drawing, sculpting, measuring and representing space, in order to rediscover architecture in terms of movement and time as well as form and function. Borrowing key techniques from the world of performance, such as Physical Thinking, I attempt to analyse a process for making a design that is analogous to a process of making a choreography.

I focus on inventing methodologies and processes for the design and fabrication of inhabitable installations and sculptures while dance, short-film making, photography, casting, and CNCing (2D and 3D milling) are ways through which my work is documented, expressed and realised.

I seek inspiration from everyday objects, ordinary uses of places my passion for dance and the urge to understand and capture the repetitive yet unnoticed moments of everyday’s human interaction with space.

Key questions that my practice seeks to answer are:
Where does form comes from?
How would architecture look like if it was performed rather than drawn on paper?
Can we speak about the Architectural Drawing as a Notational Drawing or an Inhabitable Notational Space?

  • Categories: Architectural/Monumental/Relief, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Kinetic/Mobile
  • Materials: Steel, Wood/Paper
  • Location: London