• Cut From The Same Cloth

    Katrin Albrecht, Cut From The Same Cloth, National flags and flag fabric, Series of 11. Each flag 400 x 250 cm


    Katrin Albrecht, TYPES, Towels, every day objects, Series of 6. Dimensoions variable

  • Hotel Regina

    Katrin Albrecht, Hotel Regina, Fabric, rubber foam, cardboard boxes, wood, 270 x 175 x 155 cm

  • The Shed Is On Fire1

    Katrin Albrecht, The Shed Is On Fire1, Compressed clothes, glue, 600 fabric bricks can become a house, ruin, corner, etc. Dimensions variable

Katrin Albrecht MRBS

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Katrin Albrecht is a London based sculptor, often working with fabric to create bold and colourful sculptures, installations, and collages.

I am working in sculpture, installation and collage, often using fabric, clothes, and second-hand materials. Dealing with space and the physicality of objects interests me, as well as the intimacy we have with textiles. The characteristics of fabric are very similar to how I perceive a human life and I use this relationship between media and ideas to create tension in my work. Basic questions that concern every human being are often inspiring my process and are still tangible in the outcome. I like to subvert the usual context of a material by transforming it into something totally different or by using it out of its context. My work is quite minimalistic and very colourful and usually reveals layers of deeper meaning through a closer look.

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Conceptual
  • Materials: Mixed media, Found Objects, Textile
  • Location: London