• Wind sculpture no.41 2016

    Julie Brixey-Williams, Wind sculpture no.41 2016, Performed Digital C-Type Photograph (series of 80), 92.x 68x 2.5cm

  • Untitled (uranium glass falling into tray) 2018

    Julie Brixey-Williams, Untitled (uranium glass falling into tray) 2018, 1930s Uranium Glass pieces, silicone tubing, Variable - site responsive

  • This space for communication 2016

    Julie Brixey-Williams, This space for communication 2016, Edwardian mirrors, mossy rock Residency Cove Park, Argyll, Photograph 43 x 66cm

  • A Pocket Full of Seawater 2016

    Julie Brixey-Williams, A Pocket Full of Seawater 2016, Performance at Lymington The Observatory residency 2016, Photograph 43 x 66

Julie Brixey-Williams MRBS

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Julie Brixey-Williams’ research focuses on the relationship which the body shares with space, interpreting it through site-based installation, photography, performance, book form, and gestural drawing.

Statement June 2018
I am a cross-disciplinary artist whose work sits in the space between sculpture and performance, with an interest in how this space is activated by movement to create a conversation between the body, the objects within it and importantly the place. From this starting point, I explore the body’s dialogue with architecture and site, through performative intervention, calligraphic gesture and sculptural inscription. I layer and construct, happily lost in the gap between disciplines, often poaching and re-contextualizing approaches from a variety of practices, in order to re-site them into another one sphere: a tactic of investigation I term, “misreading”. Adopting this interactive, playful, somewhat subversive approach opens the doors of possibility and a source of new material forms.

Alongside my personal practice, I work collaboratively with Dr. Libby Worth and the multi–disciplinary collective point and place. These relationships have generated a variety of pieces including a dance-for camera film Passing Between Folds (; a double-bound bookwork (winner Birgit Skiold Award 2007 London Book Art Fair and a hexagon game for creative interaction (

Julie Brixey-Williams MRSS

  • Categories: Abstract, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Other
  • Materials: Found Objects, Wood/Paper, Textile
  • Location: London