• Are You Receiving?

    Julie Brixey-Williams, Are You Receiving? , Diptych of two sets of 56 mounted photographs, 40 x 21 cm each

  • There

    Julie Brixey-Williams, There , Extended iron window catch with three sinks; site-based installation, 2.75 m

  • Cloud Dance 2 (from a Series of 5)

    Julie Brixey-Williams, Cloud Dance 2 (from a Series of 5) , Graphite with oil glazes , 1.2 x 1 m

  • Articulate -site responsive sculpture

    Julie Brixey-Williams, Articulate -site responsive sculpture, Chinese ink, paper, scrim and varnish, 8m

Julie Brixey-Williams MRBS

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Julie Brixey-Williams’ research focuses on the relationship which the body shares with space, interpreting it through site-based installation, photography, performance, book form, and gestural drawing.

“I incite blanks, spaces (jumps in the meaning: discontinuities, transitions, changes of key).” -Georges Perec. The synergic relationship between the body and space is central to my work, expressed through sculpture, installation, collage, photography, process-led action, book-form, and drawing. It constantly raises questions. How does the movement of my body affect the space? How am I acted upon by my surroundings? How might even a subtle shift or glimpse alter the space we perceive? And lastly, how might I document those hieroglyphs in two or three dimensions, using object, book-form, and movement? I welcome the fact that my pieces cannot be easily labelled. Working often collaboratively, I adopt theories, scores, and processes from other disciplines, applying them to my open sculptural approach of building, layering and construction: a liminal, fizzing boundary, where various strands meet creating unexpected new work, which is newly sculpted from hitherto unexplored materials.

  • Categories: Other
  • Materials: Found Objects
  • Location: London