• In Our Image, 2009

    Joseph Hillier, In Our Image, 2009, painted mild steel, height 16.7 Metres

  • I imagine you think, you think I imagine, 2012

    Joseph Hillier, I imagine you think, you think I imagine, 2012, Stainless Steel, height - 2.4 metres

  • digitalrendition Exhibition, 2017

    Joseph Hillier, digitalrendition Exhibition, 2017

  • Breathe, 2016

    Joseph Hillier, Breathe, 2016, Stainless Steel, 250cm x 60cm x 45cm , height- 2.5 meters

Joseph Hillier FRBS

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The universe Hillier’s recent work describes, by the accretion of many individual parts, describes the human body as a timeless structure viewed through the divergent lenses of scientific rigor and craft. The geometry and pattern that emerge through the process of making the sculptures places these figures in the present and reflects the artist’s interest in the way the world is put together, and defined by technology.

Hillier’s work has been widely exhibited, commissioned and collected in the UK, US and Ireland over the last decade. Recent public works include Binary Conversation, Newbury 2012 and Generation, three monumental works installed in the new central square of Newcastle University in 2012.

“Through the sculpture I make I aim to re-interpret the human form by rendering it in new processes and forming it through complex geometric operations. By reviewing the body in these ways I aim to reconsider the way we view ourselves, in many terms: from our atomic makeup to our societal structures.
When making work for a particular site I see the site and context as the subject of the work, for example in Our Image was made for a site near an industrial park and town, and the work acts as a monument to the people who live and work there, the profiles of the figures occupying the larger 16.7m high structure are taken from some of the many people who fabricated the work with me.
The collaboration with various technologies and people in the process of making my sculpture informs the way they are made and as such I strive to create an image of humanity which belongs to its place, the here and now, yet is part of a timeless act, to recreate our image in sculptural form.”

  • Categories: Other
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: North East