• Concerto, 2010

    John Sydney Carter, Concerto, 2010 , Stainless steel, h. 5 m

  • Two Waves, 1999

    John Sydney Carter, Two Waves, 1999 , Bronze, 1.75 x l. 1.5 m

  • Vortex, 2005

    John Sydney Carter, Vortex, 2005 , Aluminium, 5 x 2 m

  • Atomica, 2005

    John Sydney Carter, Atomica, 2005 , Stainless steel, h. 9.5 m

John Sydney Carter FRBS

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Leicestershire sculptor working in metal, bronze, aluminium, plaster and Ferracotta.

John Sydney Carter studied painting, sculpture and design at the Leicester College of Art & Design. He spent the early years with his own design company Carter Design Group Limited and then moved on to a full time career in sculpture studying at the Frink School of Sculpture where he was made a fellow.

Commissions include; P&O, “Atomica” and “Vortex” for the new science building University of Leicester, “Sea Birds” for Puggestone Manor Devon, “Concerto” for the Demontfort Hall Leicester and “Two Waves” for the Anglo American Building Carlton Terrace London.

Much of Carters’ work is centred around his love of the; sea, sailing, birds, fish and the edge of the land.

  • Categories: Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: East Midlands