• Pronking

    Jan Sweeney, Pronking, Bronze - Lost Wax, L 38cm x H 23cm (L 15" x H 9")

Jan Sweeney MRBS

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Jan Sweeney sculpture is instantly recognisable; full of energy and movement, with strong texture and trademark hollow eyes.

“I always work from life taking the modelling wax to the subject, even in the Zambezi valley, to create an African wildlife sculpture. I have been inspired by watching these animals in their natural habitat, especially in the untouched wilderness which is still to be found in Africa. There the unwary die, so even when an animal is at rest it is ready to flee. It is this untamed strength and power; always ready to explode into movement, that I want to express in my sculpture.”

  • Categories: Animal, Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze, Ceramic/Clay
  • Location: South West