• Dreamers, detail

    Isobel Church, Dreamers, detail , Edwardian chairs, concrete, 95 x 50 x 40cm

  • Ode to Erin

    Isobel Church, Ode to Erin, Cast paper , 80 x 60cm

  • Strange Contents

    Isobel Church, Strange Contents, Meteorite shavings, 200cm

  • Argyre planitia

    Isobel Church, Argyre planitia, Plaster, wood, wax, pigments , 16x42cm

Isobel Church MRBS

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Sculpture, reliefs and installations

Isobel Church is a London-based sculptor, who completed an MA with distinction at the Royal College of Art in 2014. With degrees in Anthropology and Chinese art, her work draws on scientific mapping and discovery through the lens of ritual and material culture. Church is interested in how an object can bring the unfathomably large or ancient into the realm of the intimate and familiar, creating tactile connections with that which is vast, distant or ineffable. 

Many of the works can be described as ceremonial objects that reflect recent data and imagery, continuing in the tradition of investigating our relationship to natural phenomena through material investigation, symbolic language and metaphor. The works include a variety of materials, from porcelain and Chinese ink to concrete, cast paper and found objects. 

Dreamers is a composition of two balancing Edwardian chairs with concrete seats cast from NASA topographical maps of the lunar surface. Astronomical data is condensed down to a human scale, altering the way we perceive this familiar object. Odes are a series of paper reliefs cast from meteorological imagery of hurricanes, an act of remembrance for the passing of these fleeting yet continual phenomena. Strange Contents is a floor-based ephemeral mandala composed of certified meteorite shavings; the title refers to Jung’s suggestion that meteors and comets represent ‘strange contents’ from the collective unconscious: a portent of revolutionary change.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Conceptual
  • Materials: Brick/Concrete/Plaster, Found Objects, Wood/Paper
  • Location: London