• Yellow book

    Hywel Livingstone, Yellow book, Stainless Steel, painted, 36 x 33 x 10cm

  • Model for a city ruin

    Hywel Livingstone, Model for a city ruin, Stainless Steel, waxed, 35 x 21 x 19cm

  • Soda

    Hywel Livingstone, Soda, Stainless Steel, 49 x 27 x 32m

Hywel Livingstone MRBS

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Having worked almost exclusively in mild steel for the majority of my career I have for the past two or three years been using only stainless steel. This has led to some exciting and stimulating new discoveries.

I make sculptures with the intention of discovering new truths about the material itself and its constructive qualities, all the time manipulating these possibilities into narratives, impressions, thoughts, and memories.

  • Categories: Abstract
  • Materials: Metal (other)
  • Location: London