• From Here to Eternity

    Helen Sinclair, From Here to Eternity, Bronze edition of 5, 167 x 86 x 28 cm

  • The Sky Turned Upside Down (5)

    Helen Sinclair, The Sky Turned Upside Down (5), Bronze edition of 9, 126 x 46 x 15 cm

  • The journey (2)

    Helen Sinclair, The journey (2), Bronze edition of 7, 131 x 117 x 38 cm

  • Three Angels

    Helen Sinclair, Three Angels, Bronze edition of 7, 70 x 29 x 31 cm

Helen Sinclair MRBS

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London-trained welsh sculptor of figuratively-based work, modelled in diverse materials and cast in stone-resin and foundry-cast bronze: large and small work in private collections world-wide.

Helen Sinclair studied sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art (1972-76). She has made her living as a full-time sculptor since 1988. With her full-time technician she does her own mould-making and resin casting. Her bronzes are cast in Pembrokeshire.

The main body of Helen’s work is figuratively based. She models in plaster, clay, wax, and mixed media. She makes much use of broken furniture, driftwood, and other found material from the coast near her home. She is constantly working on new pieces and exploring fresh themes.

She exhibits widely in England and Wales and annually at the Chelsea Flower Show. She has several public commissions and has work in private collections in Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Africa, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Lebanon.

Helen lives in Wales with her sculptor/painter husband Terry Ryall. 

  • Categories: Other
  • Materials: Bronze, Mixed media, Fiberglass/Plastic/Resin
  • Location: Wales