• Roe deer Originals

    Hamish Mackie, Roe deer Originals , Bronze, Edition of 12

  • Goodman's Fields Horses Running Together

    Hamish Mackie, Goodman's Fields Horses Running Together, Bronze, life and a quarter size, or scale models available

  • Kangaroo 2015

    Hamish Mackie, Kangaroo 2015, Bronze, Edition of 12, 66cm x 45cm x 17cm

  • Nude Stretching Female 2015

    Hamish Mackie, Nude Stretching Female 2015, Bronze, Edition of 12

Hamish Mackie MRBS

  • Contact: or Hamish's mobile: + 44 (0)7971028098
  • Website:

Hamish Mackie is an internationally acclaimed wildlife sculptor. He has works in public and private collections around the world.

In 2015 Mackie unveiled his Goodman’s Fields Horses, in Aldgate, London, a monumental public commission for the Berkeley Group.  This dynamic set of six life and a quarter bronze horses has established Mackie as one of the most original and exciting wildlife sculptors of his generation. 

Mackie’s penetrating affinity for animals, which manifests as a visible relationship with each individual subject he sculpts, comes from Mackie’s zealous commitment to working from life. Research in the field is central to his work and his resulting works are a beguiling mix of anatomical accuracy with an expressive interpretation of the animal’s individual essence.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific
  • Materials: Bronze, Other
  • Location: South West