• Hamish sculpting Kingfisher 2018 in his studio

    Hamish Mackie, Hamish sculpting Kingfisher 2018 in his studio, Bronze or silver, 37cm long x 45cm high x 13cm wide

  • Sir Winston Churchill 2017 (also available in scale 1:3 - 2018)

    Hamish Mackie, Sir Winston Churchill 2017 (also available in scale 1:3 - 2018), Bronze, 33cm long x 42cm high x 40cm wide 24cm high x 15cm wide x 12cm deep

  • Longhorn Bull Head 2018

    Hamish Mackie, Longhorn Bull Head 2018, Bronze, 81cm long x 88cm high x 75cm deep

  • Goodman's Andalusian Stallion 2014

    Hamish Mackie, Goodman's Andalusian Stallion 2014, Bronze, 360cm long x 360cm high x 200cm wide

Hamish Mackie MRBS

  • Contact: or Hamish's mobile: + 44 (0)7971028098
  • Website:

Hamish Mackie is an internationally acclaimed, award winning British wildlife sculptor. He has works in public and private collections around the world.

He is credited by critics for his ability to not only capture the outward appearance 
of the animals he sculpts, but also to express the spirit of life within them, “You should be able to look a wildlife sculpture in the eye and see life,” Mackie explains. He aims to create a balance of tension and softness,
through using bold strips of clay that are gouged or flattened,
while leaving the marks of his fingerprints in place. His expressive handling engenders a powerful sense of impending
action in his animal sculptures.  Mackie has achieved this through years of research. He travels with his camera and specially adapted studio box, observing, sculpting and recording as much information about his subjects in their natural habitat as possible.
In 2013, Hamish was commissioned by Berkeley Group
to sculpt six life-and-a-quarter size horses for their Goodman’s Fields development in the City of London; and in 2016 Hamish won the prestigious PMSA Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture and Fountains for this project.
All commissions considered please contact Hamish to discuss

  • Categories: Animal, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze, Other
  • Location: South West