• Afloat (front)

    Hamish Black, Afloat (front) , Bronze, 250x250x100

  • Marginal Borders (studio)

    Hamish Black, Marginal Borders (studio) , Paper, 90x390x390

  • Westminster Double (front)

    Hamish Black, Westminster Double (front) , Steel, 250x250x30

  • YP 1

    Hamish Black, YP 1 , Brass, 150x82x128

Hamish Black FRBS

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Sculptor working in steel , bronze ,iron and paper. Based in Sussex England with work and exhibitions in the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Holland and France.

”he speaks of ‘reinventing’ as the essential tactic. No artist works in a vacuum. There is a professional and historical context, and there is an individual context in which personality and the broad contemporary environment of thought and principles play dominant roles. The idea of making sculpture with a multitude of shaped and serrated edges- something that comes between solid, usually modelled sculpture and sculpture that is constructed out of discrete bits, usually by bolting or welding- a sculpture of strata, led to his cutting into books. ‘Cut a profile into a book. Open the book and the profile travels through space.’ This is perceptive and wholly original, and a marvelous example of how sculpture’s liberation from the traditional alternatives of modeling or carving has opened up opportunities for invention and for developing new methods and materials in unforeseeable ways.”
Norbert Lynton introduction to Hamish Black catalogue

  • Categories: Conceptual
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: South East