• Mountain view, Gufunes Reykjavik 2018

    Gudrun Nielsen, Mountain view, Gufunes Reykjavik 2018, timber, monumental installation

  • Labyrinth 2015

    Gudrun Nielsen, Labyrinth 2015, timber, hessian, colour, 280 x 320 x 460 cm

  • Changes 2010

    Gudrun Nielsen, Changes 2010 , corten-steel, recycled materials from airfield, 155 x 200 x 2400 cm

  • Temple 2018

    Gudrun Nielsen, Temple 2018, timber, colour, 262 x 312 x 208 cm

Gudrun Nielsen FRBS

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Gudrun´s Mountain Series 2014–2018 of recycled materials is influenced by working in her Reykjavík studio on the site of one of Iceland’s leading providers of environmental management services and clean energy.

Gudrun aligns herself with the kind of three-dimensional art which might be called a modernist-based formalism with minimalist or constructivist overtones. The ‘Japan factor’ should be seen in the context of the second aspect of Gudrun´s ‘style’, her enduring interest in clear and concise forms and proportions, and in qualities such as lightness and harmony, in short, everything that contributes to the optimum balance of elements within the work at hand as well as the environment without. These are qualities traditionally associated with the Japanese attitude to mass and space, as seen in the work of their most prominent architects. A fundamental aspect of this attitude is a certain spareness with regard to materials, which is also something that Gudrún subscribes to. Adalsteinn Ingolfsson.

  • Categories: Architectural/Monumental/Relief, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Other
  • Materials: Mixed media, Other, Metal (other)
  • Location: Europe