Graham High, SERGEI PROKOFIEV, 2005 , Foundry bronze, 58 x 34 x 31 cm

  • KASHMERE GOAT (Part of larger Monument), 2002

    Graham High, KASHMERE GOAT (Part of larger Monument), 2002 , Foundry bronze, 284 x 120 x 122 cm


    Graham High, JOHN COLERIDGE, 2010 , Foundry bronze, 37 x 24 x 23 cm

  • ROBERT FROST, 2009

    Graham High, ROBERT FROST, 2009 , Foundry bronze, 37 x 18 x 23 cm

Graham High MRBS

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Tthe inner dignity and presence of people and of animals is what I wish to be in touch with through my sculpture

Graham High’s public commission work has fallen into two main categories: wildlife-based work and figurative work, particularly portraits. He has worked in various materials but currently his main love is bronze and most of his public work has been in this material. His work has been shown in one-person exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

Public Commissions include the Natural History Museum; Goldsmith’s College, Gresham’s School, Norfolk; The Orme Nature Reserve, Wales; Emory University, Atlanta, USA; Ohio Museum of Natural History, and many others.

For the last few years High has concentrated on portraiture. He is engaged on a project to produce bronze portraits of the most significant contemporary Anglophone poets. For this he works both from photos and from life but is concerned to capture something both of the subject and of their poetry. He is available for commissions at his London and Norfolk studios.

  • Categories: Portraiture
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: London