• Regolith, 2011

    Glynis Owen, Regolith, 2011 , Aluminium, h. 210 x w. 138 cm

  • Caldera, 2011

    Glynis Owen, Caldera, 2011 , Aluminium, h. 27 cm

  • Talus Point, 2011

    Glynis Owen, Talus Point, 2011 , Aluminium, h. 40 cm

  • Plato Trophy, Teaching Awards, BBC TV, 2000-2011

    Glynis Owen, Plato Trophy, Teaching Awards, BBC TV, 2000-2011 , Gold Anodized Aluminium, h. 20 x w. 27 cm

Glynis Owen FRBS

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In stone, glass and metals, Glynis Owen creates distinctive civic, private and commemorative works from her Hampstead studio.

Glynis Owen’s work travels the fluid line between figurative and abstract art.

From her earliest years at art school, Owen’s sculpture reflected a fascination with materials and their intrinsic qualities, best expressing her tactile, abstracted imagery.

This perspective changed significantly after leaving Goldsmith’s College, to become sculpture assistant to Lynn Chadwick. Learning to construct his angular, welded sculptures for international exhibitions, her sculpture changed, reflecting a new focus in line, form and spatial relationship.

Consolidating this experience, she established her studio in Hampshire and later in London, publishing three books on sculpture techniques, with exhibitions, public and private commissions.

Owen developed her latest major project in close collaboration with the architects who commissioned it. This extensive exploration in creating a memorable, site-specific work produced a three-panel aluminium relief, evolved from landscape images. Cast from sands with areas burnished, “Regolith” changes dramatically with the time of day and viewpoint.

  • Categories: Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Location: London