• grave-monument

    Eppe De Haan, grave-monument, Bronze, 40x140x230 cm.

  • 3 Graces

    Eppe De Haan, 3 Graces, Marble, 115x255x15cm

  • Icarus

    Eppe De Haan, Icarus, Marble, 160x150x40cm

  • Unitas in Diversity

    Eppe De Haan, Unitas in Diversity, bronze, 230x145x35cm

Eppe De Haan FRBS


Started as a painter. In the early nineties The third dimension became a new challenge, since than Pietrasanta in Tuscany became my new home and studio SEM a Perfect working space.
Important elements in my work:

The Human form Mainly Torso’s
Fragments of faces
Architectural lines

  • Categories: Figurative/Realism
  • Materials: Bronze, Other, Glass
  • Location: Europe