• The Sacred And The Profane

    Emma Elliott, The Sacred And The Profane , Bronze, Rubber, Plaster, 40cmx50cmx20cm

  • Echo

    Emma Elliott, Echo , Bronze, Mixed Media, 30x30x40cm

  • Spin-Head

    Emma Elliott, Spin-Head , Bronze, 160x25x25cm

  • Eliezer Goldwyn

    Emma Elliott, Eliezer Goldwyn, Leaves, mud, moss, 25cmx25cmx40cm

Emma Elliott MRBS

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Emma Elliott is a London based artist working in clay, bronze, and mixed media.

Creating experimental art is motivating and exciting. I feel art has a duty to wrestle with society, its elements of rigidity and puritanism, and it should be free to explore and approach challenging issues that foster reflection.

My central concerns are the incongruous and hypocritical aspects of humanity. In my work I explore the relationships between the refined and the primitive, the physical and the spiritual, the influences of our past on present behaviour.

My art has evolved from classical beginnings studying portrait painting in Florence towards a conceptual body of sculptural work. My work is largely inspired by events, it is reactive, intuitive, and reflective. I aim to make work that looks beyond the superficial and that communicates a message that is widely accessible. I work with clay, stone, found objects, and casting. I particularly like working with bronze because of its durability. The high polish finish conveys the work’s spiritual and precious qualities.

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Conceptual
  • Materials: Bronze, Ceramic/Clay, Granite/Marble/Stone
  • Location: London