• Unravelling

    Elspeth Penfold, Unravelling, Textiles, 148cm x 57cm

  • Thinking Threads

    Elspeth Penfold, Thinking Threads, Textiles on bicycle wheel, 64 cm width

  • Past, Present, future/

    Elspeth Penfold, Past, Present, future/, textiles on found window frame, 125cm x 99cm

  • It's complicated

    Elspeth Penfold, It's complicated, mixed media, Variable

Elspeth Penfold MRBS

Elspeth works in London and Kent. Her practice uses textiles and performance. A large part of her work responds to site and has an interactive element.

My work is concerned with origins, journeys and destinations.I have a background in sociology as well as art which influences how I think about my work. I am interested in how both physical and ideological structures become assimilated and merge into our cultural and physical landscapes over time.

My family‚Äôs background as emigre’s to Argentina and my own reverse emigration from South America to the UK, has had a great influence on my thinking about art and on my work. A great deal of my practice takes its inspiration from the coastal town of Whitstable in Kent.
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  • Categories: Architectural/Monumental/Relief, Installation/Land/Site-specific, Political/Religious
  • Materials: Found Objects, Wood/Paper, Textile
  • Location: London