• Lived Dilectics: Movement and Rest, Vienna 2016

    Elena Cologni, Lived Dilectics: Movement and Rest, Vienna 2016, mixed media (plywood+balloons+performers), 90x90 and 120 x 120 cm worn by 2 adults

  • Lo Scarto, Castelvetrano, Sicily, 2015

    Elena Cologni, Lo Scarto, Castelvetrano, Sicily, 2015, plywood, 40 sculptures for hands within15x20 cm each

  • Gropius' Offcuts, 2014

    Elena Cologni, Gropius' Offcuts, 2014, plywood+ fabric, 18 sculpture installation from 150x 100 x 100 cm to 30x 75x1 cm each

  • Geomemos, 2009, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    Elena Cologni, Geomemos, 2009, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, graphite on paper, balsa wood, video stills, 8 sculptures 6x6x15 cm each, 8 drawings 70x100 cm

Elena Cologni MRBS

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My work evolved from drawing, sculpture, and performance. In the last five years through the production platform rockfluid I reacted to the fast pace and the unsubstantial nature of our technology filled times, by offering audiences experiences of relating to each other and in physical space.

“to be awaken, to be driven out, to be crinkled, to explore, to tune up, to identify, to conquer one’s own conscience, awareness, to find one’s own place, role, point of implementation, to self-determinate, to accrue, come to fruition | omni-directionally | impressive silence.                                                             

the physical organization of our living space. every modification introduced in a specific point endangers/questions the whole system of relations.               

the acute desire | u spinnu | to observe the tender sculptures through the microscope” (my translation of extracts from Danilo Dolci, ‘Dal trasmettere al comunicare’1973, 2011)

During the project ‘lo scarto’ (2015) I tried to understand Danilo Dolci’s dialogic dynamics, his ‘reciprocal maieutics’ through drawings, sculptures and actions to highlight the meaning to be found in space, and indeed distance between people: lo scarto (the left over). We tend to go through places without inhabiting them. Through my work I try to offer people the opportunity to understand that the space between us, as well as that around us, and its history belong to us, even if we inhabit them only for a short amount of time. The awareness of one’s own identity in relation to one’s own place must be cherished and nurtured. The phenomenology, sociology, and psychology of engaging with others in space and through matter are embedded in my work and experienced/manifested in drawings, sculptures, and collective actions.

This interest comes from my personal experience, and through the site specific approach in my work t I constantly reenact the experience of place, attachment, and separation. In particular central to the participatory approach for the current SEEDS of ATTACHMENT (New Hall Collection, Cambridge, Art Language Location), and LIVED DIALECTICS: MOVEMENT AND REST (MuseumsQuarter, Vienna Austria, 2016) is the concept of social space as space produced by social action and notions of place attachment

  • Categories: Installation/Land/Site-specific, Other, Kinetic/Mobile
  • Materials: Wood/Paper, Other, Textile
  • Location: East of England